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29 February 2012

Leap Year Birthday - Love You Gran

  Today, February 29th would have been Great Grand Mother Jessie Matilda Meek's birthday. Gran C. was born 29 February 1888 and died 16 October 1982. She and Orville Claude Carpenter married 1 March 1905. He was 23 and she was 17 or if you count actual birth days, about 4 yr's old.
  I remember Gran C.'s little house in Galt, Grundy County, Missouri. I remember she dipped snuff. I remember she had the most beautiful African Violets growing on her front porch. Today I have two beautiful African Violets growing in my kitchen, they are named Jessie & Jessica. She was our Mom's Maternal Grand Mother.
  Family lore has it that her mother Rebecca J. Parmer Meek [22 November 1857-26 September 1932] was one half  Native American. However, I've yet to find any verifiable documents.
Happy Birthday Gran. C.
Vicki Sue


  1. thanks for the memories, keep them coming
    Gullah proverb paraphrased, healthy roots produce healthy trees and healthy branches

  2. I remember Grandma Jessie. She welcomed me to the family the first time Jan took me to Galt to meet her. We had only been dating a few months. She made the best bread pudding and rhubarb cobbler.