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08 March 2013

Sequestration/Garnishment Records 1861-1862

Don't know if this is of use to anyone but while processing @ NARA I found the below info interesting.
Sequestration/Garnishment Records - 1861/1862 - filed alphabetical by last name - Biggs, Asa, Confederate Judge, North Carolina - box 3
File contains;
- List of the eighteen Confederate States Receivers under the Sequestration law.
- List of where the courts were held.
- 1860 "Census Statistics" of white males between ages 18 - 45 for all states and territories.
- "Actual Number of Pounds to a Bushel" for a variety [18] of crops; ie; corn on the cob equals 70 ponds per bushel
I have a copy. It can't be legibly scanned since the original document is tissue paper. To see these records contact Maureen Hill NARA at Atlanta 
Let me know if you have questions.

03 February 2013

Preserve The Pensions

09 October 2012

October Trivia

October Trivia
    .    1.  What is the definition of….consanguine
         2.  Use manumission in a sentence.
         3.  What was the first name of Atlanta?
         4.  What was the second name of Atlanta?
         5.  What was the third name of Atlanta?

    1.  related by blood  - blood-relatedconsanguineconsanguineous, kinakincognate related - connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage

    2.   manumission  definition - To free from slavery or bondage; emancipate.

    3. Terminus - 1821:  Permanent settlers began moving into former Creek Indian lands that would eventually become metropolitan Atlanta.  1837:  The area now comprising the city was chosen as the site for a new      railroad terminus, connecting Georgia with Chattanooga, TN and points west, including the Chattahoochee and Tennessee Rivers.  The city was dubbed  "Terminus," and the termination point is now Five Points in downtown Atlanta.

     4.  Marthasville 1843: "Terminus" was renamed "Marthasville" in honor of Martha Lumpkin, daughter of Georgia Gov. Wilson Lumpkin.  The town spread out around the train depot.
5   5.  Atlanta 1845:  "Marthasville" was renamed "Atlanta," a feminine form of Atlantic, probably created by Steven Harriman Long, a Western & Atlantic Railroad engineer.  1847: Atlanta was incorporated as a city.
                                           LET ME KNOW HOW MANY YOU GOT CORRECT.

09 August 2012

NARA on YouTube

Press Release
January 4, 2012

National Archives Puts Popular Records Workshops Online for First Time!

"Know Your Records" videos now available on National Archives YouTube Channel

Washington, DC…For the first time, the National Archives has launched online videos of its most popular genealogy “how to” workshops. These videos cover “hot topics” in genealogical research such as census, immigration and military records. Now, these popular workshops led by National Archives experts are available on the National Archives YouTube channel [].
The National Archives-produced Know Your Records video shorts cover the creation, scope, content, and use of National Archives records for genealogical research. "The National Archives is proud to make our most popular genealogy lectures available online and ready for viewing by anyone, anywhere, at any time," said Diane Dimkoff, Director of Customer Services.

14 June 2012

Find Your County Map

I found a valuable tool that most of us Genealogist, Archivist and Historian can use as a valuable tool.
Go to then type "Maps of [your state] Counties" I printed my Missouri county and it's nice looking with good detail.
Branch Out With Your Roots

03 June 2012


1. How many feet did a "chain" measure?_______________

2. What did a "Fell Monger" do?_______________________

3. What did a “Xylographer” make?_____________________

4. Where did a “Honey Dipper” work?___________________

5. Who was a “Blue Stocking”?_________________________

6. What did a “Colporteur” sell?______________________

7. What did a “Scavelman” do?_________________________

8. What did a “Maderer” gather and sell?______________

9. What did a “Cooper” make or repair?________________

 10.What did a “Puddler” work with?____________________

1. 66 feet per “chain” measurement
2.“fell monger” - one who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making
3.“xylographer” - creator of wooden blocks for printing
4. “honey dipper” – removed the sewage from outhouses
5. “blue stocking” – was a  female writer
6. “colporteur”  - a book peddler
7. “scavelman” – cleaned ditches & waterways
8. “Maderer” – a gatherer & seller of garlic
9. “Cooper” – a maker of barrels, tubs & casks
10. “Puddler” – wrought iron worker

29 March 2012

Living Ex-Confederate Soldiers & Widows Listings


Some colleagues and I are working for Richard H. Steckel, Professor of Economics, Ohio State University. He is heading a Federally granted, ethnic, economic & socio-study.  Selma, Beth, Vanessa & I are transcribing specific Georgia Tax Records from 1900,1910, & 1920. 
Much to our amazement & delight in some of the boring tax records books we found pages with listings of Living Ex-Confederate Soldiers AND some pages of Ex-Confederate Widows information!!!!
When we saw these files, Suddenly there were angels singing, daises waving in the meadow, blue birds twittering under rainbows.......
Who would think to look in State tax records for old military records?
Some of the info on these pages are - full name, Company, Regiment, When & Where Enlisted and Discharged, and their current address. I found the "Where" enlisted especially valuable since they were from all over the country, one was from Missouri. The info is in not in every book but worth checking them out. 
I've attached some photos, my apologies for their quality. The lighting at the Georgia State Archives leaves a bit to be desired. 
You might want to check your State's Tax Records, they are by year & county, who knows what you will find. 

07 March 2012

Henry Gates Jr. on PBS

New Henry Louis Gates Genealogy Show to Debut in March on PBS
Posted by Diane

The new PBS genealogy series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr." debuts Sunday, March 25 at 8 p.m. 

The 10-part series will explore the genealogy and genetics of famous Americans including Kevin Bacon, Robert Downey Jr., Branford Marsalis, John Legend, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters and Rick Warren. 

------- Can't wait for this series. Henry Gates Jr. is a class act & I'm sure these shows will be exceptional. Enjoy, Vicki -----

05 March 2012

Who do You Think You Are?

For those of us in the Southeast U.S.
We missed the Reba McIntyre TV episode of Who Do You Think You Are because of the weather/tornado coverage. Y.F.I. you can see any of the shows on  AND with less commercials.
Vicki Sue Root-Runk-Carpenter-Patton-Meek- Gates ya da ya da