1976 Con - Vic - Jo

16 September 2010

Roy L. Root & Libby Ann Hatcher Root

Roy's my favorite uncle (OK so he's the only) He gave me my first motorcycle ride. I was 13 it was an Indian. 
Libby is my favorite Aunt. She is always sweet, strong & smart. I love her.
When I was very young, Roy & I would each try to get to the chicken drum sticks first. Sooooo, he told me that if I ate the wings instead they would make me even prettier. To this day I want only the wings and just don't like the drum sticks.
Have a super day


  1. Comment from Jan Fields; I have got to say that Roy & Libby were also one of my all time favorite relatives and people in general. They took me in for a summer when I had no father. Libby made me all (and the best ever) bacon & tomato sandwiches that I could eat. And believe me, I could eat. Roy was the coolest ever. I loved hangin in the "body shop" in Galt Missouri that summer. The motorcyle rides (I ride a Harley now) and the crazy stuff he did. Rochelle and I say "they will never grow up....thank goodness". He gave us airplane rides, Rochelle''s first, and she got pregnant with our first son, Shannon, when we were visiting them. ROY & LIBBY ARE THE GREATEST.

    Jan W. Fields

  2. Jan and I spent some time up in Moline in Roy and Libby's almost finished house the summer of 1973. They never treated me as an outsider but as family from the first. Of course they never let us forget that Shannon's conception took place under their roof.
    They have always, will always, hold a special place in my heart.