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14 February 2012

Colored Men Personal Info.

I found a gold mine of Colored men info at NARA @ Atlanta from the late 1940's! Over 100 men's full name, occupation, address, and physical examination details.  If they were deceased, the info on their Administrator/Administratrix is in the file.
Mobile, Alabama Admiralty Cases are dated 1948 - 2412- 2419 - 2422 - 2423 - 2424 - 2425 - 2426 - 2430 - Civil Case 866.
These cases are about Colored men who received personal injuries while unloading cargo of poisonous mustard gas, on board the vessel "Francis L. Lee" docked at Theodore, Alabama.
I've attached a sample of the many Doctors physical exam reports.

Attached also is a list of some of the men's names from Civil Case 856.
My apologies for the poor quality of the documents but they are pretty old. Hope you have a good magnifying glass.
As always if you want more information about these cases, they can be found in the Mobile, Georgia Admiralty case files at NARA at Atlanta.
All comments are welcome.

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  1. I found this very interesting, esp. in the case where the man went blind for 3 weeks, and still had affected eye sight but was declared to have no problems left from the mustard gas....

    It reminds me very well of my husband's Uncle. 40 years after he served in Vietnam, He died of a specific cancer that the doctor said was most likely the result of his exposure to agent orange in the war.... I wonder how many people have been affected that were left to fend for themselves after exposure to these dangerous poisons.