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08 March 2013

Sequestration/Garnishment Records 1861-1862

Don't know if this is of use to anyone but while processing @ NARA I found the below info interesting.
Sequestration/Garnishment Records - 1861/1862 - filed alphabetical by last name - Biggs, Asa, Confederate Judge, North Carolina - box 3
File contains;
- List of the eighteen Confederate States Receivers under the Sequestration law.
- List of where the courts were held.
- 1860 "Census Statistics" of white males between ages 18 - 45 for all states and territories.
- "Actual Number of Pounds to a Bushel" for a variety [18] of crops; ie; corn on the cob equals 70 ponds per bushel
I have a copy. It can't be legibly scanned since the original document is tissue paper. To see these records contact Maureen Hill NARA at Atlanta 
Let me know if you have questions.

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