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30 November 2011

Jones, Kelly, Company, Terry, Taylor, Bennett

In The District Court of the United States for the Southern District of Alabama
Admiralty Case 2350 - Walsh Stevedoring Co., et al vs. Joseph H. Henderson Deputy Commissioner 1941 (includes Civil Acton #169)
If you are researching “Negros” Synthia (Centry) Jones Kelly, Charles Kelly, Charles Company, Rosa Bennett Taylor Company, Elijah Bennett, Ora Mae Company, Lottie Bush, Mattie Rivers, Gus Company, Thesser Company Burner, John or Mary Company, Viola Company Breeland, Thelma Long, Lucia Terry Taylor or Robert Stevenson.
The 164 page Court transcript has dates of birth, marriages, divorce, death and addresses. The file also contains some photos, marriage license and marriage certificate.   Fascinating reading, Charles had more than one wife at a time as well as two different last names.  Both wives were claiming wrongful death compensation. Hope this can help in your family history research.
The above names are as spelled in the file documents.

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