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28 August 2010

Christmas - Solstice 2009


Howdy Ya’ll Family & Friends, from Morrow, Ga.

Well this is the first full year that John & I are both retired, & we haven’t killed each other. We have many spirited political discussions. It helps that we both have our own businesses and five TVs in the house. Plus all our rescues.

Since last year when my sisters volunteered me to be the family historian I’ve gotten really involved in ancestry research including volunteer records processing @ Atlanta Regional National Archives.

Jackie, Joy & I took a family research road trip to our birth place, Grundy County, Missouri. We had a great time, met old friends & family and learned a lot. Check out my face book, AntiqueSisters4.

Jake is doing well but working too many hours. His very nice house is just down the street. His rescued pure white cat “Bella” is a trip and still mad at him for the front de-clawing.

John & Donna are doing well. He also works too much but is seeing the country on the road.

Our God-Son Nasir is growing so fast, he’s actually going to pre-school. He’s the smartest, cutest, sweetest kid ever.

Hugs to all. Don’t forget your favorite charity.

Vicki &John

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