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28 August 2010

"A century of Memory" History excerpts

Family, here are some notes I made while reading the book;  "A Century of Memory" Galt, Missouri 1881 - 1981 In celebration of the Centennial of Galt, Missouri
I'm not going to note the actual relative alignment because this is going to different generations and branches of our family. If something was misspelled in the book it will be here. Of course if you have a specific question just ask. My heartfelt thanks to Jackie Ann Root/Runk for letting me use her book.
I know this is really wordy but hope you'll enjoy it.
- In the acknowledgments - "Appreciation is also expressed to Galt High School for the use of the typewriter to produce the final copy"

- Galt was founded in part for the Quincy, Missouri & Pacific Railroad later the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad

- pg 14-15 Pictures of J.W. Root & Orville Henry Patten

- W.W. Root was on the "Committee on Reception" for Bal Masque 25 Dec. 1894 [anyone know what that was]

- O.H. Patten was charter member "The Daughters of Rebekah Lodge" #52 23 May 1890

-John W. Root "Mystic Tie Chapter" 19 May 1894

- U.S. Pensioners in Galt & Lindley 1 Jan. 1883 - Henry H. Meek gun shot wound left thigh $4.00 monthly
Orville H. Patton g.s.w.left leg $6.00 monthly - John W. Root g.s.w. left hand $6.00 monthly

- Civil War Soldiers list
Cummins, William.......................44 Mo Inf
Patton, Orville H. .....Co B 21 Mo Inf
Root, Levi ....
Root, John W........Co C 18 Ohio Vol Inf
Book has some born-died dates & where buried.

- J.W.Root appointed Galt Post Master 14 Jan 1898

- C.F. Runk agreed to erect a Galt Rural Route #3 mail box - per letter written 16 Feb 1907 by J.W. Root

- ?? General stores carried "Queensware" what is Queensware?

- Cliff Root was one of the workers doing shovel work for 1934 Canning Factory

- One of the poultry slaughterhouse operators was Ed E. Root - later the building was a brick factory operated by Cliff (Buck) Root

- Sometime between 1907 & 1918 Will Runk was substitute mail carrier

- List of businesses most without dates;
Dray men Fields, J.D.
Northside Furniture Co 1910 Carpenter, W.B.
Laundromats - Everley, J. Earl - Meek, Gary, Stiles, Jerry
Antique Shops - Eitel, Dr. Alta W.
Produce Houses - Root, Ed E.
Restaurant - Root, Cliff

Note; Five theaters were listed and one Attorney.

- Bertha Patton listed as Galt teacher no date.

- pg 88 picture of J. W. Root inside Galt State Bank

Excerpts from newspapers and various sources.........
- 20 April 1883 Thirty seven Lindley & Galt boys arrested for playing ball on Sunday!
- 15 Feb 1883 "A citizen of Galt punished for purloining turkeys"
- A set of teeth for $5.00 at Scarborough and Dunn's Trenton
- Alderman passed motion to build a "Calaboose" for Galt 8 Sep 1890
- 26 Nov 1893 "The Indian Medicine Men arrive in Galt following two week showing in Harris"
- 6 Dec 1893 "Long distance telephone system for Trenton is an assured fact"
- 7 Jan 1895 The IOOF Lodge reports membership of 96 at Galt.
- 13 Jun1895 A Trenton/Galt ball game ends in a free-for-all riot.
- 16 Nov 1895 Galt druggist jailed for selling liquor illegally.
- 12 March 1896 S.J. Carpenter buys the Galt Coal Mine.
- 14 Sep 1896 Brothers operating meat shop and restaurant arrested for selling liquor illegally.
- Lightening killed Mrs. R.M. Hedges cow.
- Ben King the O.K. railroad agent has brand new up-to-date and high colored cob pipe.
- Galt man arrested for bigamy
- 16 Sep 1910 Charles C. Fisher purchased a new Schact car, only one in the Galt area.
- Barber W.H. Baker has painted his house white.
- 2 Sep 1911 three REO Cars delivered to Galt buyers Elmore, Russell, Lothian
- 4 July 1913 J.W. Root had his car at the celebration.
- April 1914 Electricity turned on in Galt, evenings dusk to 11:00 and Wednesday mornings for ironing day.
- Abner Michaels killed by falling on an ax.
- August 1922 Site of the 1922 Galt Chautauqua changed due to cholera outbreak
- Boy died of poisoning from eating matches.
- Home economics Dept of Galt High School got RE-approved from the state.
- Harold Leytham had a 3 legged gosling.

- 28 March 1949 Cliff Root part of Humphreys Park Board.

- 2 May 1949 Aldermen passed motion to remove hitch rack on north side of the square and half on the west side.

- 21 Nov 1955 Conversion to dial phones for Galt scheduled in December

- 13 Jul 1960 Beverly Fields, son of Wayne and Grace (Neet) Fields, was killed in a spray plane accident in California. He was the husband of Mary Lee Carpenter.

- "Mr. J.F.M. Brassfield was Postmaster, City Marshal, Trustee of Methodist Protestant Church and if one were not to concerned with pain he would also pull teeth" His grand son was a member of the Trenton Special Police and Vigilantes for many years.

- One last one for now, "He married my Mother who was the Grand Daughter of his Father's Brother"

Hope you have enjoyed some of these and thanked the stars for our lives today when reading others.

Complied by Alfred W. Humphreys Copyright 1981
Quality Litho, Inc., 4627 Mission Road, Kansas City, Kansas Printers

2008 copyrighted by Vicki Root/Runk

"I've lived life interestingly if not especially intelligently" Linda Ellerbee

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