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29 March 2012

Living Ex-Confederate Soldiers & Widows Listings


Some colleagues and I are working for Richard H. Steckel, Professor of Economics, Ohio State University. He is heading a Federally granted, ethnic, economic & socio-study.  Selma, Beth, Vanessa & I are transcribing specific Georgia Tax Records from 1900,1910, & 1920. 
Much to our amazement & delight in some of the boring tax records books we found pages with listings of Living Ex-Confederate Soldiers AND some pages of Ex-Confederate Widows information!!!!
When we saw these files, Suddenly there were angels singing, daises waving in the meadow, blue birds twittering under rainbows.......
Who would think to look in State tax records for old military records?
Some of the info on these pages are - full name, Company, Regiment, When & Where Enlisted and Discharged, and their current address. I found the "Where" enlisted especially valuable since they were from all over the country, one was from Missouri. The info is in not in every book but worth checking them out. 
I've attached some photos, my apologies for their quality. The lighting at the Georgia State Archives leaves a bit to be desired. 
You might want to check your State's Tax Records, they are by year & county, who knows what you will find. 

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