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09 October 2012

October Trivia

October Trivia
    .    1.  What is the definition of….consanguine
         2.  Use manumission in a sentence.
         3.  What was the first name of Atlanta?
         4.  What was the second name of Atlanta?
         5.  What was the third name of Atlanta?

    1.  related by blood  - blood-relatedconsanguineconsanguineous, kinakincognate related - connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage

    2.   manumission  definition - To free from slavery or bondage; emancipate.

    3. Terminus - 1821:  Permanent settlers began moving into former Creek Indian lands that would eventually become metropolitan Atlanta.  1837:  The area now comprising the city was chosen as the site for a new      railroad terminus, connecting Georgia with Chattanooga, TN and points west, including the Chattahoochee and Tennessee Rivers.  The city was dubbed  "Terminus," and the termination point is now Five Points in downtown Atlanta.

     4.  Marthasville 1843: "Terminus" was renamed "Marthasville" in honor of Martha Lumpkin, daughter of Georgia Gov. Wilson Lumpkin.  The town spread out around the train depot.
5   5.  Atlanta 1845:  "Marthasville" was renamed "Atlanta," a feminine form of Atlantic, probably created by Steven Harriman Long, a Western & Atlantic Railroad engineer.  1847: Atlanta was incorporated as a city.
                                           LET ME KNOW HOW MANY YOU GOT CORRECT.

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