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08 January 2012

Colored marriage & funeral, Sillis, Sills, Williams, Seal

Admiralty case 2364.  Ryan Stevedoring co. et al vs Joseph H. Henderson Deputy Commissioner, et al 1943.  Transferred from Civil Action No. 337. 
Original of Marriage Licence & Marriage Certificate  in file of William M. Sillis (aka Sills) and Sarah Williams (aka Seal) – Colored of Jackson County, Alabama, on 17 May 1926. The license transcript document notes' "as it appears in Colored marriage record no. 23, at page 255".  Also, the invoiced charge of $608.60 for “service to the remains of William Sills, complete funeral” 2 oct 1941. Performed by Johnson-Allen Undertaking Co. Inc at 600 St. Francis St. Mobile, Ala.,  phone number dexter 295. Mrs. Sarah Sills address was 454 New Jersey St.  A Probate Court document states Colored Marriage License book n. 1925-1926 page 411.  

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