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13 November 2011

Georgia Family History Conference

 My Weekend Adventures at the Georgia Family History Conference.

It started Thursday afternoon while I was getting a pedicure, I also got a sugar & honey foot/leg massage. OMG it was wonderful.
Since the genealogy conference was over an hour drive from home I had reserved a room at a nearby motel. I won't mention the name but their initials are Suburban. Since the last conference class Friday wasn't over until about 9:00pm, I called to tell them that I would be checking in late. They couldn't find it until I dug out the confirmation number.
The food at the conference was quite expensive ($4.00 for a bottle of Coke) I decided to pick up something to eat in the room. 
When I stopped at McDonalds behind the motel, a young man with one leg, on crutches, said as he grabbed his crotch, "Hey Baby want some of this?" 
After check in of course they sent me to the top floor, the room was next to the last one in a long hall. I was lugging a heavy purse,a cup of coffee,my dinner,an overnight bag,a bag of conference handouts/syllabus/tablet,dragging my laptop case and clothes on hangers.
Neither of the damn electronic keys would open the damn door. After trying several times I called down to the 12 year old desk clerk (OK maybe 22). She said to bring the key back & she would make another one. I did not want to drag everything back down. But she was alone & couldn't leave the desk. Of course I couldn't leave all my stuff in the hall. (what if the one legged man was there) The 12 yr old made another set of keys. Of course - neither of the new damn electronic keys would open the damn door. 
I lugged all my stuff back to the desk, thinking I'll just sleep in the damned van. This time I told her to give me a different room. She tried to assign me the last room in that long hallway. After a bit of gentle persuasion, I got closer to the elevator. 
OK I'm in the room. It was NASTY. Of course it smelled because I requested "smoking" but I didn't request a "people don't wash" room. No coffee maker or ashtray! The carpet was so sticky I had to keep on the shoes I'd been wearing since 7:00am. The bed spread was ripped and had big burn holes.
Whatever... it's now after 10:30pm. I'm just going to eat my grilled chicken BLT, have a drink and go the sleep. There was no bacon on the CBLT, it wasn't grilled & the lettuce was brown. 
The 12 yr old had told me there was an ice maker on my floor, of course there wasn't. I just knew if I hit that elevator button one more time it would stop mid floor and I couldn't even sleep in the van. I had my scotch & water without ice.
When getting dressed the next morning I discovered one of my favorite t-shirts was missing. I don't know if I dropped it or the one legged man got it.
The conference was wonderful, I learned so much, was able to see old friends and make new ones. 
One of the many great speakers was Lisa Louise Cooke, do you know what PICNIC stands for?  Problem In Chair Not in Computer. LUV it.
It's amazing what you can do with GoogleEarth! Different sites can do everything but make the bed. Have you joined Google+ I have. 
You don't have to spend $$ there are LOTS of free sites.
Go to to download books as PDF.

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When I started this it was just going to be a quick note. I guess it turned into a short story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, hopefully the motel will read this too and clean up the place.