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23 August 2011

Colored Men Admiralty Case files

WOW look what I found today at NARA in Atlanta!

Admiralty case # 2169 Felix Verzone  vs  Steamer “Hagood” & Cities Service Transportation Co. 1929 – [three case folders]

Beginning of direct examination of witnesses;

 Q. What is your name… A. Erskine Connolly

Q. How old are you… A. 68

Q. Are you a colored man … A Yes, sir, a negro 

Q. What nationality are you…  A. I am an American negro.

 Q. You have a colored crew, have you not… A. yes, sir.

 [Connolly was the Mate on the schooner “Geneva Kathleen”  He held a Master’s certificate. was born in the West Indes & a naturalized citizen.] File contains Connolly’s handwritten log book for the “Geneva Kathleen”!!

Other ‘colored men mentioned in Connolly’s testimony are;

- Edward Raymond, age 36, British subject but claiming for American citizenship, born Grand Caman, cook & able bodied  seaman

 – Carles [Charles) Johnson , age 42, Nassau, British West Indes, able bodied seaman

 – Stanley Gourzong, age 35, British subject,  born Grand Caman, able bodied seaman , lives in Tampa, [described as a yellow fellow]

– Thomas, [no last name] ordinary seaman  -

- Witness Willie Wood, cook for 29 years, San Blas Indian

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