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08 February 2011

Cemeteries Kitchen, Boggs, Stephens, Walker, Criswell internments

             Eastern District of Kentucky, U. S. District Court, Lexington, Kentucky Case #649 
 United States of America vs 1.24 acres of land more of less, situated in Carter County, Kentucky and David Criswell, et al.
May 1964 - Grayson Reservoir Project - Ohio River Basin
This case contains (for each cemetery) files showing grave numbers, name of deceased, birth & death dates, weight of monuments, name & address of next of kin, relationship to deceased!!!!
Also pictures of each of the five cemeteries to be relocated.
What a great genealogical find if you think your ancestor(s) were buried in one of these Kentucky cemeteries! 
Thanks to Joey Blackmon, NARA volunteer for this information.
The complete case file can be seen at the National Archive Records Administration at Atlanta, Morrow, Ga.

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