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04 February 2011

Bertha Patton (Runk) School Teacher

Bertha Patton’s Teachers Journal lists in her handwriting.
Discovered while visiting the one room, wood frame Baker School. Now located across the street from the Grundy County Historical Museum Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri. Copied from Bertha's journal notes. September 2009. Family lore has it that she started teaching school at 15 years old. However I've not been able to verify.
1911 -1912 9th grade Agriculture, six students names & note “8 mo- $45 per mo. Married Fed 4th
1912" 1911- 1912 Galt,  7th 8th grade 8 mo. $45.  With list of 18 students names

1914 – 1915 Bunnell,  8 mo. $50.00. With list of 29 student names & ages including her brother Dale age 9

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