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26 February 2011

Admiralty Court Case #1188, Mobile, Ala. - Havana Tile Makers - 1908 -

Admiralty Case #1188 United States vs Bernardo Jardon 1908
Case file contains "List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigration - Officer at Port of Arrival" It lists forty two passengers; all male 18 to 45, all tile makers, all allegded place of birth Spain (towns listed), all men listed their last permanent address as Havana, Cuba.
Some of the questions asked of the Aliens were;
- are you a polygamist?
- are you an Anarchist?
- are you deformed?
- are you crippled?
They were scheduled to arrive in Mobile, Alabama, 26 December 1907.
When the barque "Carvajal" docked the Ship's Master was fined $10.00 per passenger because they lied on the manifest stating they each paid their own fare.
After the men were questioned it was discovered their fares were paid by Ladislao Diaz of National Mosaic Flooring Co.
Note: each passenger claimed less than $50. on them, some as little as $3.00.
                                        To view this case file contact NARA at Atlanta.

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