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06 January 2011

A Disgruntled Father-in-Law *

Excerpt from article in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly *, Volume 97, 1 March 2009.
                                                    Summerdale Phila, Dec 4th 1906
"I the undersigned George S. Wolff being of sound mind and body write this my last will and testament.
I first direct that all my debts be paid and all my affairs be adjusted to establish the value of my estate. When this is done, I direct that before any thing else is done Fifty cents be paid to my son-in-law Chas W. Wensel a native of Huntington Pa. to enable him to buy a good stout rope with which to hang himself and; thus rid mankind of one of the most infamous scoundrels that ever roamed this broad land or dwell outside of a penitentiary."
[The will goes on to leave all his worldly possesions split evenly among his six children. With exception of daughter Maritta, who is married to 'the scoundrel.' Maritta will get her inheritance only after she divorces 'the scoundrel' AND has custody of their children.... which she did.]*[Philadelphia Co., Pa., Wills 302:175-176, no. 2349, George S. Wolf will, proved 10 Nov 1908: Register of Wills, City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.; microfilm 1,311,083, Family History Library, Salt Lake City]

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