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28 January 2011

1893 Democrat Quadruplets

        Excerpt from National Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume 97, No. 2, June 2009, page 130.
                    Marvelous Increase in the Family of a Delaware Farmer, Laurel, Del., March 4.
Mrs. James Cantwell, the wife of a prosperous farmer, of Bell Haven, gave birth to quadruplets, all boys, yesterday. Mr. Cantwell is a staunch Democrat, and in honor of the incoming administration he named the little ones Grover, Walter, John and Daniel.
The largest of the babes weighs five piunds and nine ounces and the smallest four pounds. The attending physican, Doctor Smith, says the infants are well formed and in perfect health. Around each of their right arms is a card bearing their distinguished names.
                                                                                -Philadelphia Inquirer, 5 March 1893 

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