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08 October 2010

4-H project Grundy County, Missouri

In celebration of National 4-H week and the 106th birthday of the 4-H organization.....
Heart - Health - Head - Hand
About 1955 on our small farm in Grundy County Missouri my brother William Donald (Billie Don) and me (Vickie Sue) we were members of 4-H. 
Our Fraternal Grandfather William Dennis Runk (WD) bought each of us a Black Angus calf. We knew from the start that the money he paid for them was a loan, to be repaid when we sold them.  
Although told not to, I named my calf. He was Leonard. As I was grooming him, he was always stepping on my foot and it hurt like hell. If Billie Don named his, I don't recall.
As things are on a farm, after several months, Grandpa Runk, our Dad, William Russell (Jack), Billie Don & me took our steers to the cattle auction in Kansas City.
It was a long time before I could eat beef, just knowing I was going to eat Leonard. 

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