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08 September 2010

NARA 1902 Admiralty Case Notes Red River vs Tug "Echo"

1902 Admiralty Case File #1016 of Mobile, Alabama contains;
-1901 map of New Orleans,
-a small cardboard protective cover from the St. Charles Hotel News Stand,  
-2nd map of New Orleans and surrounding properties with owners names,  
-published 1902 Pilots Rules for "Rivers Whose Waters Flow Into the Gulf of Mexico and Tributaries"
-Pilots Rules for "Atlantic and Pacific Coast Inland Waters" published 1902  
-three typed pages of "Valuation of Steamboats, Propellers, Ferry Boats, Tugs, Tow Boats" as of 9 August 1902.
-six newspaper ads cut from the Daily Picayune quoting cotton prices from 23 November 1902 through 30 November 1902
Case file at National Archives Records Administration in Atlanta

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